Here's Sly Stallone And David Letterman Downing Raw Eggs In Defiance Of Good Health

Sylvester Stallone stopped by Letterman and that seemed to get everyone in the mood to relive the famous scene from Rocky and down a few raw eggs. Dave was the real champ of the showcase of course, downing two without much hesitation to start and then getting Divergent star Theo James in on the act later with two more.

The fact that no one vomited during these segments is pretty amazing, even if Theo James seemed to be the one close to that point when Dave cracks a second egg for him to guzzle down.

I don’t care what anyone says about eggs carrying loads of protein when you drink them, the health concerns are far too risky. That’s why I stick with my normal health regimen of beer and cheetos in the morning. Throw in a cigarette chaser and I’m ready to show Jack Lalanne exactly what being fit is all about, mostly because he’s dead.

(Via The Late Show)