Lewis Black’s Hillary Clinton Carpool Metaphor Pretty Much Nails Her Biggest Campaign Problem

lewis black hillary clinton biggest problem
Getty/Comedy Central

Whenever comedian Lewis Black isn’t offering his angry, acerbic style as a Michael Strahan replacement for Live with Kelly, he frequents his old Comedy Central stomping grounds as an occasional correspondent for Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show. Or at least he used to, for Black hasn’t toured the new set in quite a while — leaving a vacuous, bitter hole in America’s blackened hearts. Good thing CNN favorite Larry Wilmore invited him on to The Nightly Show on Tuesday to discuss Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, especially because it provided Black with the opportunity to use a nifty carpool metaphor to explain the Democratic front-runner’s biggest problem.

Black’s quip was inspired by fellow comedian and Nightly Show panelist Jordan Carlos. When Wilmore asked whether former president Bill Clinton was adding to or detracting from the campaign, Carlos exclaimed: “We know them! We know these two. You know what I mean?” Contributor Grace Parra joked that the Clintons weren’t the “bright, shiny young thing that Bernie Sanders is,” but when Black finally pitched in, he nailed the main reason for all the animosity towards Hillary on the head:

“The thing about Hillary which makes it impossible is the fact she never went away. Everyone who ever runs for president goes away. Richard Nixon went away. Mitt Romney didn’t appear until, like, four weeks ago! And then you go, ‘Wow! Oh, wow! I forgot! You’re not so bad!’ She’s the one who’s in the carpool with you for 10 f*cking years, and every morning you got that cup of coffee and you’re going, ‘I can’t believe I gotta pick her up again.'”

Carlos and Parra couldn’t keep themselves from laughing along with the audience, and Wilmore had to cut for a commercial break, but Black wasn’t wrong. Clinton never really left the political spotlight following her husband’s two-term presidency.

Before the Clintons were booted from the White House on January 20, 2001, she began serving as New York’s junior senator on January 3. After eight years in office for her newly adopted home state, Clinton accepted former rival-turned-President Barack Obama’s appointment as the new Secretary of State, a position she held until 2013.

Watch the whole video from Comedy Central below:

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