Lewis Black Compares Trump’s Sabre-Rattling In North Korea To The Game ‘Risk,’ But There’s Just One Problem

Thanks to Comedy Central’s cancellation of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, audiences have had fewer opportunities to see Lewis Black get all shouty on late night television. Thankfully, the former panelist has occasionally found himself on The Daily Show and other programs, offering his latest enraged, Howard Beale-like tirades to the masses. Like on Wednesday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where, among other things, Black targeted Donald Trump’s apparent warmongering on all things North Korea.

“What I find disturbing about him are his international relations. He does that like someone who’s playing Risk,” Black explained between outbursts about one of Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s more recent performances. “You can’t say, ‘Hey I’m going into North Korea. I’m going to roll the dice!’ What he should have said, that Spicer… What he should have said, ‘It wasn’t that we weren’t going toward North Korea.’ What he should have said was, ‘We were going the other way. We were taking the slow route in order to sneak up behind them.'”

At one point Colbert had to help Black with his Risk analogy, as The Late Show‘s audience didn’t initially understand the reference. However, using a board game that first debuted in 1957 wasn’t the comic’s biggest mistake with his bit. Rather, that came later when Black joked about what Spicer should have said on Trump’s behalf, as it involved far more forethought than the president and his administration likely deserve. After all, this is the same White House that nearly screwed up Easter and followed it up with inviting Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock to enter the Oval Office.