Production Halts On Tom Hanks And Brad Pitt’s ‘Lewis And Clark’ HBO Miniseries

brad pitt
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Hot on the heels of HBO announcing a production stoppage on David Fincher’s comedy series, the network is now lamenting another high-profile stoppage, this time on the Lewis and Clark miniseries produced by Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt. The mini-series, based on the book Undaunted Courage, tracks Lewis and Clark — played by Casey Affleck and Matthias Schoenaerts respectively — as the explorers attempt to find a route to the Pacific. The mini-series, which also boasts Edward Norton as a writer, is stopping production due to internal and external strife, namely bad weather and a changing of the guard in terms of creative direction. HBO made an official statement to Deadline regarding the matter:

“We are temporarily pausing production on the HBO miniseries Lewis And Clark. For creative reasons, director John Curran and director of photography Rob Hardy will be leaving the production. We will be bringing on a new director, and we plan to resume filming as soon as possible.”

HBO hasn’t noted as to why the director and director of photography have vacated the series. We’ll keep an eye on this for further developments.

(via Deadline)