Liam Hemsworth To Leno: Jennifer Lawrence Likes To Talk About Kangaroo Sex

Even without her physical presence, Internet darling Jennifer Lawrence is still charming as ever.

Take this “Tonight Show” interview with Liam Hemsworth for example, where he describes J-Law’s presence on the set of the latest The Hunger Games film and her tendency to ask intense and odd questions before takes.

“When she’s that unfiltered, everyone else becomes that unfiltered…There’s certain things, right before action, literally a second before action, she’ll turn to me and ask if I have sex with kangaroos or anything like that.”

Would you rank this up there with great screen discussions like Coppola and Brando during “Apocalypse Now” or Laurence Olivier telling Dustin Hoffman to “try acting” during “Marathon Man?” Yes. Yes you would.

Jennifer Lawrence is a national treasure.