Liam Neeson Reads A Bedtime Story, Imparts A Valuable Lesson About Monkeys

18-foot-tall master of improv comedy Liam Neeson was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote Run All Night. Among the many segments they recorded, the best by far is his intimate reading of children’s classic Five Little Monkeys. That weird lady with all the monkeys had better get those little monkeys to stop jumping on the bed, or he’ll use his particular set of skills to put an end to all this monkeying around.

If you still want more Liam Neesons, Jimmy Kimmel Live! released four other videos, including Neeson talking about St. Patrick’s Day, about getting a tattoo, about boxing and Martin Scorsese, and about how his nephews pirated the movie Taken. It was a great night for TV watching if Liam Neesons is your sh*t.