SundanceTV’s New Series ‘Liar’ Tells The Truth (Or Does It?) In This Exclusive Preview

SundanceTV, the home of Hap and Leonard, Deutschland 83, and Rectify, is about to launch its next series: Liar. Created by Harry and Jack Williams, the six-episode thriller stars Downton Abbey‘s Joanne Froggatt and Fantastic Four‘s Ioan Gruffudd as a teacher and surgeon, respectively, who are romantically interested in each other. But after an otherwise unassuming date, “a series of volatile accusations capsize their lives,” according to Sundance. “Secrets and lies slowly unravel in a tense and gripping series where everyone is lying in some way until the truth ultimately reveals itself.”

Here’s more from the creators.

After writing two seasons of The Missing, which was told across multiple timelines with a number of different points of view, we were excited about exploring something with more dramatic simplicity — a linear story focusing on one single incident. In Liar, we sought to explore modern day gender politics through a narrative built upon two fundamentally conflicting recollections of one night in a way which we hope will challenge and surprise audiences.

We are hugely lucky to have the talents of Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd to play our lead roles. Both deliver nuanced, committed performances in an emotional thriller that we hope twists, surprises and moves people in its journey towards the truth.

Liar — which pairs well with Liar Liar, a movie that I’m pretty sure airs on AMC, SundanceTV’s parent network, at least once a day — doesn’t premiere until September 27, but you can watch an exclusive preview above.

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