Life Imitating Art: 50ish White Male Named Walter White Wanted For Trafficking Meth

Well I think it’s safe to say that we around these part consider this to be THE NEWS STORY OF THE CENTURY

A man accused of violating his probation in a methamphetamine manufacturing case in Tuscaloosa County has hit the top of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office most wanted list.

Walter Eddy White, 55, was on probation in Tuscaloosa County beginning in 2010 after being arrested in 2008 on charges of trafficking methamphetamine, unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of precursor materials, according to court documents.

If this Walter White is as savvy as the one on TV his meth is crimson colored and known on the street as “ROLL TIDE!”

I can only hope that the cop who was handled this case watches Breaking Bad. If so, can you imagine how awesome it would’ve been to be in the room to see that guy’s face when the file landed on his desk?

“Hey Smitty I got a new one for ya.”

“Oh yeah, Chief — whatcha got?”

“New local meth kingpin. His name’s White. Walter White.”

(Spits coffee across the room) “Say WHAT?”

“The guy…the new meth kingpin in town…his name is Walter White.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…you’ve got to be f*cking kidding me!”

Good luck stopping that train, Tuscaloosa PD.

(HT: Ross Neumann)