Lifetime Is Making A Nancy Grace Movie For Some Reason

04.26.12 8 Comments

I know what you’re thinking. You’re sitting there saying to yourself, “Wow, Warming Glow sure has been covering a lot of Lifetime news lately. I mean, in the last few weeks alone there have been stories about Jennifer Love Hewitt and her magical shrinking cleavage, and Rosie O’Donnell having a stroke about Lindsay Lohan taking a role in a Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor. I hope they knock it off and get back to doing posts about horse decapitation and lawyer bros soon. Unless, of course, Lifetime does something ridiculous like greenlight an EXTREMELY Lifetime-sounding movie based on a book by a loudmouth goon legal commentator like Nancy Grace. THAT I want to read about!” Well, boom.

Lifetime Movie Network has greenlighted Nancy Grace’s Eleventh Victim, an original movie based on Grace’s debut novel The Eleventh Victim with 90210 alumna Jennie Garth set to play the lead. Thriller The Eleventh Hour centers on Hailey Dean (Garth), a highly successful Atlanta assistant DA whose fiance is murdered. After a big courtroom triumph, securing the conviction of Clint Burrell Cruise for the murder of 11 prostitutes, Dean leaves the DA office and moves to Manhattan for a new career as a therapist. But soon Cruise is released from prison on appeal and starts stalking her and killing off her patients. [Deadline]

I wonder who Nancy Grace based this “Hailey Dean” character on. Hmm. A “highly successful Atlanta assistant DA” whose fiance has been killed? I would say she based it on herself, but I don’t see any mention of prosecutorial misconduct, so that can’t be right. And this character gives up her legal career to help people by becoming a therapist instead of throwing a wrench in the legal system by screaming at the top of her lungs and convicting people in the court of public opinion on her infuriatingly popular television show.

So yeah, it’s definitely not based on her.

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