Lighten Up, Emmy Rossum

07.25.11 8 years ago 8 Comments

Asking an actress about her nude scenes is like talking about a no-hitter: you don’t want jinx something wonderful. Nevertheless, that’s just what the moderator did at the “Shameless” panel at Comic-Con this weekend when he asked Emmy Rossum about the glorious variety of times she got nude on camera during the first season of the Showtime drama.

“There’s a stupid stigma about it,” Rossum snapped. “It’s just a body, it isn’t anything. It doesn’t say who you are inside. I think I revealed way more on this show in scenes where I got to be unattractive and lonely than I ever did in a scene where I was having sex with my boyfriend. People are all in a tizzy about it.” [EW]

Bah, what a downer. Once — just ONCE — it would be nice if a hot actress said something like “I recognize that my fantastic body is my best trait and I want to share it for the world” or “The whole reason I got in to acting was to help people masturbate.” It’s always, “It was necessary for the role, respect my craft.” Yeah, sure, that time she was unattractive and lonely was way better than her riding her boyfriend in the kitchen or riding her boyfriend in the car or riding her boyfriend in the bedroom or swimming in the nude or getting her wifebeater removed or taking her sweater off. We’re the A-holes for noticing her boobs.

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