Important Mini-Horse News: Lil Sebastian Is Alive! Kind Of!

10.16.13 2 Comments

lil sebastian

Okay, look, nobody freak out or anything, but Lil Sebastian from Parks & Rec is alive. Kind of. Hart of Dixie star Scott Porter posted the above photo on Instagram yesterday along with the caption “The real life #LittleSebastian from #ParksAndRec came to #Bluebell for the day. #HartOfDixie #ShowsCollide,” which (a) includes more words inside hashtags than outside (11 to 9, I counted), and (b) misidentifies Lil Sebastian as “Little Sebastian,” but I am going to go ahead and give him a pass on both of those, because, yes, that is indeed a picture of Lil Sebastian inside a petting zoo on the set of the Rachel Bilson CW drama, and the whole thing has put me in a very forgiving mood.

Also, the picture features a beam of light shining down on Lil Sebastian that makes him look like an angel that has descended from the heavens to bring peace to our troubled, cruel world. Whether this light is a lucky weather-related circumstance, the deliberate result of a decision made by someone on the crew, or some sort of fancy Instagram trickery, I consider it to be very appropriate, and possibly a sign that all of us should at least consider getting right with the Lord.

Anyway, if all of this results in Summer Roberts from The O.C. petting Lil Sebastian from Parks & Rec, I will probably explode like a soda can that some young miscreant tossed into a campfire when no one was was looking.

lil sebastian2

(via Zap2It)

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