Lin-Manuel Miranda Loved Cecily Strong’s Impression Of Him On ‘SNL’

Contributing Writer

Lin-Manuel Miranda always seems ecstatic in interviews, like he can’t believe that he is where he’s at and he’s just high on the whole idea of people knowing who he is. So you’d think it might be hard to tell when the Hamilton star strongly agrees with something, but you’d be wrong. Turns out, the Tony winner just has a whole ‘nother gear for things that bring him actual joy and not his baseline happiness. Case in point, Cecily Strong’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live.

Miranda says he was at the premiere of the Hamilton documentary when he received word that SNL would impersonate him on that night’s show. And he was so excited that he actually up and left.

“I looked at my phone and I looked up at my wife and said ‘We have to go home’,” he recalled to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, before calling Cecily Strong’s take on his distinct enunciated rapping “the greatest.” Of course, he’ll get the chance to tell her in person when he hosts SNL on October 8.

Lest you think Miranda is only a good rapper when he delivers his own pre-written lines, he took on The Roots’ Black Thought once again in a Wheel of Freestyle competition that required him to use words like “robot,” “corn maze” and “Harry Potter” in the same verse. Take a look at that below:

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