Lindsay Lohan Dressed Up As Sailor Moon On ‘Anger Management’ Because…?

With so much happening on Thursday night — NBC recaps, Archer, and Glee‘s school shooting episode — we neglected to mention an important moment in TV history: the episode of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management with Lindsay Lohan. It was our M*A*S*H, in that suicide is painless, at least compared to Sheen and LiLo making gross, gross love. Luckily, Vulture swallowed their pride and collected the episode’s low points. For instance:

-“I’m trying to break my old destructive habits,” Lohan tells Sheen, as we smash cut to the two of them sweaty in bed, Lohan nestled in Sheen’s glistening armpit. Take a moment if you need.

-The morning after, Lohan enters the kitchen wearing only Sheen’s shirt, which says “THERAPISTS DO IT ON THE COUCH.”

-At the prison, a weird cannibal tells Lohan, “I bet you taste like raspberries.”

-Back at Sheen’s place, Lohan asks him to be her date to a party. “Maybe at the end of the night, I’ll let you take off my dress,” she says. He replies, “Maybe I’ll let you, Lindsay Lohan, take off my socks.” (Via)

And then there’s this:

So, to answer the headline’s question: someone’s gotta pay her brother’s exorbitant over sized hat bills.

(Via Vulture)