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Lindsay Lohan is the new face of Italian designer Fornarina, and in the new commercial she really displays the acting chops that rocketed her to stardom in such critically acclaimed blockbusters like I Know Who Killed Me and Georgia Rule.   Here’s the transcript of Lindsay’s narration in the ad:

“Click. Flash. Wow. Bang. Wink. Smack. Fornarina. Splash. Smash. Crash. Glam, pink, heart. Fornarina.”

Do the Clios have a “best actress” category?  What about “original screenplay”?  The press release explains it as such:

In the Fornarina commercial, Lindsay Lohan is a modern Alice in Wonderland who explores 3 metaphysical settings characterized by fluctuating geometrical shapes with neon and fluo colours. An ’80s atmosphere revised through a contemporary point of view.

Oh, I see.  It’s not a completely nonsensical piece of crap.  It’s just a piece of crap.

SEXY UPDATE: Hey look, it’s Lindsay modeling for Fornarina.  Any one else see that word and wish it was “For Narnia”?

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