Lindsay Lohan’s First TV Role Involved Being Dressed As Garbage On ‘Letterman’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
09.19.12 10 Comments

Lindsay, she done done it again. Early this morning, the past, present, and future Cady Heron, for I refuse to think of her as anyone else, was arrested in New York City for hitting a pedestrian then fleeing the scene. Lohan: 71; Bynes: 70. After hearing about the incident, I headed over to Lohan’s IMDb page, for reasons involving needing to know what her trademarks are (oh, freckles!), and noticed that back in 1992, she made her first credited TV appearance: as “Trick-or-Treater Dressed as Garbage” on Late Night with David Letterman.

The clip of her acting debut isn’t online, but she does talk about it with Letterman in another appearance in 2004:

Seeing that clip from only eight years forces home a point: that Late Night was ahead of his time. Years before anyone else knew that she wouldn’t show up for work, endanger people’s lives, inhale coke like it’s oxygen, sleep with Fez, sue a fictional baby, steal clothes and jewelry despite being loaded, and “smell like diarrhea,” David and his staff were aware that, ultimately, the word most associated with Lohan would be “garbage.”


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