A ‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Gleefully Zinged A Former Cast Member On Twitter


It’s a quiet time in The Walking Dead universe, as season ten of the flagship series is currently shooting, Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t kick off for two more weeks, the other spin-off doesn’t begin shooting until the summer, and the status of the Rick Grimes’ movies remains up in the air. We did recently learn that Lauren Cohan’s Whiskey Cavalier has been canceled, potentially paving the way for her return to The Walking Dead and that Fear the Walking Dead has added the brother of the actor who played the worst character ever on The Walking Dead.

Spoilers for Season 9 of The Walking Dead

Beyond that, however, things have been quiet. However, Matt Mangum, who played D.J. on The Walking Dead, recently celebrated a birthday. Recall that D.J. was a former Savior who became a contributing member of The Hilltop Community after the All-Out War. He wasn’t exactly a popular character, but he was recognizable, made several appearances (though not as many as our favorite glorified Red Shirt, Kenric Green) and served The Hilltop well, at least until the penultimate episode when Alpha and The Whisperers put D.J.’s head on a spike along with several other members of The Walking Dead.


In either respect, on the occasion of his birthday, a fan of The Walking Dead wished Matt Mangum good wishes, mentioning that he was “everyone’s favorite Savior turned Alexandrian.” Mangum responded, “Suck it, Lindsley Register,” referring to the actress who plays Laura on the series. Laura is another former Savior turned Alexandrian.

Register, however, got the last laugh with this perfect comeback.

Ouch. Burn.

Yes, yes she did. Well played Lindsley Register.

In the meantime, Fear the Walking Dead is set to return to AMC in two weeks, on June 2nd.


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