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A tasty slice of Brie. Alison Brie with Vincent Kartheiser at the Golden Globes. In their time away from “Mad Men,” Trudy Campbell is more beautiful, while Pete Campbell looks like a West Virginia meth addict in a tux. Or my dad. Same diff. [full pic at Suicide Blonde]

How to kill an Internet phenomenon: Let Brett Favre embrace it. So long, “Pants on the Ground.” It was fun while it lasted. [With Leather]

Well, it’s better than George Lopez. I guess. Maybe? Jennifer Lopez delivered the opening monologue on “Lopez Tonight.” [Inside TV]

From the network that brought you ‘The Jay Leno Show’… People who live in the same time zone where the Olympics are being held will be shown the events three hours after the East Coast watches them, often eight to ten hours after the events happen. “That’s a great idea,” said everyone who doesn’t know about the Internet. [Seattle Times]

WIN. “Final Season of ‘Lost’ to Make Fans More Annoying than Ever.” Pitch-perfect. [The Onion]

Best. Gay news. Ever. Neil Patrick Harris will appear in an episode of “Glee”… directed by Joss Whedon! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [Ausiello]

Oh, crap. ATM skimmers will steal your debit card info and PIN without you ever knowing it. Great. This should really help my growing sense of constant paranoia. [Gamma Squad]

What a compliment. “America’s Most Wanted” loves using an actor who is so versatile that he can play rapists and murderers of all ethnicities. [Animal New York]

Conan O’Brien is Stringer Bell. In one hell of a thought experiment, someone compares the NBC late-night battle to “The Wire.” I admire that. [Larry Getlen]

Cat news story of the day. One of the world’s best mountain climbers scaled a concrete bridge abutment in Washington state. Hee hee, “a butt mint”! [Neatorama via Fark]

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