Energizer Corgi & Fireworks Pug

07.21.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Meet Energizer Corgi. Regarding the headline, I would very much watch a TV show called “Energizer Corgi and Fireworks Pug.” Way better than “Rizzoli & Isles.” [via bunnyfood]

20 More Wrestling Clips for “Attack of the Show” to “Discover.” This is in response to “AotS” using a wrestling clip from four years ago. For the record, Brandon has seen every wrestling event ever, so it’s better just to not talk to him about it. [With Leather]

The Mila Kunis Being Adorable GIF Wall. It takes a little to load, but well worth the wait. My computer screen is no longer a virgin. [UPROXX]

FIREWORKS PUG? Hell yes Fireworks Pug. [EPICponyz]

Stained glass comic art. Now THAT is some niche geekery. [Gamma Squad]

Linda Hamilton Is Making This Whole Marine Corps Ball Thing Weird. It really should have just stopped at Mila Kunis. [Film Drunk]

Coco Should Just Go Naked Next Time. I cannot disagree with that sentiment. [The Smoking Section]

The Dugout: The Upper Upper Deck. This has everything I want in a Dugout: Delmon and Dmitri Young, LadyCop, and JIM THOME hitting monstrous home runs. [With Leather]

The Top 20 Performances of Robert Costanzo. Don’t know who Costanzo is? Sure ya do: he’s “That Guy” in dozens of movies and TV shows. And yeah, he kinda looks like Costanza. [BuzzFeed]

Burning Questions About the Heat Index. With heat waves taking over much of the country, this is actually a pretty cool read about how the heat index is calculated. [mental floss]

Stephen Colbert’s “It Gets Better” video. It’s always cool to see him out of character, because it happens so rarely. [Slog]

FX announces fall premiere dates. Break out your calendars, we’ve got premieres for “Sons of Anarchy” and “Always Sunny.” [Aol TV]

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