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Creepy and yet also funny. I’m not sure what I find most unsettling and yet hilarious: that this yellow Labrador has human arms, that he’s wearing a Cosby sweater, or that he speaks French. [The Daily What]

I live in Brooklyn; we should hang out. Brooklyn Decker is on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue. [With Leather]

I hated ‘M*A*S*H’ as a kid. And here it gets “This Week in F–k You” treatment. As KSK’s Christmas Ape said in an email to me, “it was a program put on by adults specifically to make kids want to go outside.” [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Nerds rejoice! Fantasy god Neil Gaiman will write an episode of “Doctor Who.” If you’ve never heard of Neil Gaiman, that’s okay: he’s British. If you’ve never heard of “Doctor Who,” that’s okay: it’s British, too. (Note to nerds: just kidding about the Gaiman crack. I liked Sandman, too.) [Gamma Squad]

Or, Why You Shouldn’t Go to J-School. Someone at Reuters unfamiliar with the concept of “stand-up comedy” tries to review Louis CK movie, fails miserably. [FilmDrunk]

TV-inspired valentines. Some good ones from “Lost,” “24,” and “The Bachelor.” Missing: a “Jersey Shore” one that says “Let’s smoosh.” [Jennyology]

That’s cool, I didn’t need these eyes. Hoda Kotb pinched Drew Brees’s butt on “The Today Show.” Always good to know that Hoda has sexual impulses. [Inside TV]

What made this comic good? Okay, get rid of it. In the comic Human Target, the hero becomes the target of assassination through the use of disguise and plastic surgery. In the Fox show, he’s basically just a bodyguard. Here’s how other comics can be totally watered down to be bland enough for Hollywood. [Comics Alliance]

What’s left of Conan’s ‘Tonight Show’ studio. Ugh, the detritus of Hollywood/corporate failure. The saddest picture, to me, was the one of unused jokes. [Aaron Bleyaert]

Manhattan according to Hollywood. A map of Manhattan as TV and films have changed its geography for storytelling purposes. Butched-up John Travolta did the most damage. [NY Times]

Stop talking about the inmates like they’re slaves, lady. This isn’t quite post-worthy on its own due the length of the video, but Jon Stewart’s interview last night of Jenny Sanford — the ex-wife of South Carolina governor Mark — was maybe not her finest moment. [The Daily Show]

Oh, snap! Peggy got hot! Women’s Wear Daily glammed up Elisabeth Moss, and she looks pretty good when she’s out of that damn pony tail. Still not cracking the January Jones-Christina Hendricks-Alison Brie triumvirate of “Mad Men” hotties, though. [WWD]

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