Links: Holiday Dogs & Mary-Louise Parker on Nudity

12.17.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

‘Tis the Season to Stick ‘Em Up. Burnsy gives a rundown on holiday burglaries. [Uproxx News]

“Thought provoking, but mostly, complaint provoking.” Vince reviews Tron. [FilmDrunk]

Not surprisingly… Tron Guy liked Tron a lot more than Vince. [Gamma Squad]

Don’t Hate the NFC West, Hate the Playoff System. I’m with Punte on this one. Probably because I’m a Seahawks fan. [With Leather]

Mary-Louise Parker: What I’ve Learned. “Being naked has a certain element of drama.” Goodbye, pants. [Esquire]

One-sentence reviews of all 30 for 30 documentaries. These are great. [Hellafied Gangsta Lean]

$12,000 well spent. A man spent four years sending checks to a woman he thought was an anchorwoman with breast cancer. Turns out he was getting scammed by a fat Hispanic woman. [Houston Press]

86 hours of “24.” A California man won $10,000 — plus a “24” DVD box set — for watching all 86 episodes of “24” consecutively. He then slept 15 straight hours. [SF Chronicle]

’80s Dog wants to party. [Dogs via Cool Dogs, The Clearly Dope, Today Show Tumblr, and c milleur]

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