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Mary-Louise Parker, still kind of attractive. I would pay rent to live in her ass. [bohemea]

McHale McHale McHale! A decent profile on Joel McHale. Dude’s 37 — what’s took him so long to become a star? [USA Today] Oh, also: he was on Conan last night. [Tonight Show]

More like CLASSelhoff! David Hasselhoff took his 17-year-old daughter to a sex shop for the launch party of an underwear line. John Phillips approves. [TMZ]

CSI: The Internet. An interview with “CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker about his odd and intriguing new project, Level 26. [Asylum]

A little something for the ladies. The 25 best chest hair designs. So many more options beyond the Dorito and the landing strip. [College Humor]

Two great reasons to watch ‘Dexter.’ Those reasons? T and A. It’s a complete list of all the hotties who’ve graced television’s best show about a sympathetic serial killer. [Fansided]

More reasons to like ‘Community’: I’d like to point out that Chevy Chase’s character called a bottle of whiskey “Hemingway’s lemonade” last night. Also, if you missed the closing credits, check out the nonsensical Spanish rap by Abed and Troy. [NBC]

Awesome local news report of the day: Have you heard about the Seattle-area bikini baristas? Five of them were arrested for prostitution charges, forcing the coffee stand to remove “pussiccino” from the menu. Maybe I can still get a cafe ho lay. [Q13 Fox]

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