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Goodbye, work day. The Shiba Inu puppy cam is back with adorable new Shiba Inu puppies. [USTREAM]

Mea culpa. With approximately 800 late-night stories every day, I’m cautious about covering every move in the NBC debacle. But Letterman’s response to Dick Ebersol the other night was absolutely terrific, and you should watch it if you haven’t seen it already. [Inside TV]

Help send the magnificent PUNTE to Las Vegas. C’mon, all you have to do is vote online. Don’t you want to read an account from the Trash Talk Championship of the World? I know I do. [With Leather]

Cartoons + aliens = me turned on. The Avatar sex scene, animated. [FilmDrunk]

David LaChappelle’s Season 1 ‘Lost’ promo for the UK. A classy little number. I can’t hear that Portishead song without thinking about sex. [Unreality]

Is Scorcese’s HBO show the most expensive pilot ever? Who cares? It’s a Scorcese show on HBO about 1920s gangsters in Atlantic starring Steve Buscemi. It’s not my money. I’m just happy it’s getting made. [E Online]

I can’t believe I called them ‘white trash.’ Oh wait, yes I can. Police made an arrest after one of the teenage mothers in MTV’s “Teen Mom” was allegedly choked and beaten by her mother. Hard to believe, I know. [Us]

‘…a strangely ruminative and Terrence Malick-esque affair.‘ Apparently, “Be Good Johnny Weir” is more thoughtful and less gay than advertised. [Gawker]

Wait, there has to be some kind of mistake. NBC did something GOOD? They picked up a pilot from “Reno 911!” creators Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Grant. [THR]

Craig Ferguson, still awesome. His cold open remains better than the staid monologue on every other late-night show.

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