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Naked pictures of Jenni ‘JWOWW’ Farley? Quite possibly the least surprising news you’ll hear this week. Well, I guess it’s surprising we haven’t heard about them until now. [Fark]

‘Molecule-Free design for Ultimate Green Buzzwordability’ — Get your Apple iPad t-shirts while they’re hot! [Comics Alliance]

I like the part about the hooker. I tuned into the premiere of “Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” which turned out to be just an interview of the series’ inspiration by the series’ star. I made it through six minutes. This interview (with Season 3 trailer) is better. [Inside TV]

Name that Syfy original movie! Syfy couldn’t name their movies something cool if an awesome title bit them in the dick, so Gamma Squad steps up. Includes excellent commentary from Patrice O’Neal on Opie and Anthony. [Gamma Squad]

Ebert was mean when he could talk. I’m a huge fan of Roger Ebert, and to use a fancy-pants term I think he might be America’s best belle-lettrist. But damn that dude laid the hurt on Siskel back in the day. [FilmDrunk]

Have you heard about the Paul Shirley thing? I know this is a TV blog, so you have no reason to know who Paul Shirley is, but the long and short of it is that he was a crappy pro athlete and fairly funny writer who lost his freelance gig at ESPN when he told Haitians to try using condoms. It’s good for getting your blood up. [With Leather]

Set phasers to ‘Meh’: Uber-producer McG will be responsible for a CW reboot of Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita. Sounds like a great idea. I hear Bridget Fonda is available. [SciFi Wire]

Bummer. Bryan Batt, better known as Salvatore “Sal” Romano on “Mad Men,” will not be returning to the show for Season 4. Come on! Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce needs an art director! [BWE]

What’s that? You want more trashy JWOWW pictures? Fine. But just this once.

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