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This may smell bad, kid, but it’ll keep you warm. To promote “Man vs. Wild” in Australia, the Discovery Channel made this camel carcass — similar to the one Bear Grylls inhabited in the Sahara — available to passers-by in Sydney. [Best Week Ever]

I call dibs on executive producer! If you have not already visited Photoshop heaven, please enjoy my nine hybrid monsters who deserve their own Syfy original movies. [Uproxx Features]

And the tenth hybrid monster is… SLAYBRAHAM LINCOLN! Also known as Commander-in-Chief, Vampire Hunter. [Gamma Squad]

‘Looks like Brillo.’ The trailer for Gone with the Pope looks absolutely freaking amazing. I cannot watch that movie soon enough. [FilmDrunk]

The best giant beaver since your mom. The Olympics’ closing ceremonies went out with style and a sense of humor. [With Leather]

YouTube’s Craziest Baby Preachers. Gosh, it’s always nice to gain the wisdom of children — especially when their condemning me to the eternal fires of hell. [Urlesque]

More TV news — plus SCUBA CAT!! — below:

‘Michael and Michael Have Issues’ canceled. The issues being cancellation, I guess. [The Comic’s Comic]

That one chick is gay now, apparently. Kim Zolciak, the Real Housewife of Atlanta known for being white and wearing a blonde wig, appeared in public with her girlfriend. Wow, what shocking news about a huge star. I can’t believe I didn’t make this the lead story today. [Us Magazine]

Shows to look forward to now that the Olympics are over. “The Pacific” miniseries is on the list. “The Tonight Show” is not. [Inside TV]

Fine, here you go, jackals. People seem to be clamoring for a forum to hate NBC’s “The Marriage Ref.” I skipped the premiere last night, but here’s the withering review you’re looking for. [A.V. Club]

And finally… Remember the video of Scuba Cat? I don’t know if this is the same Scuba Cat, but I figure there can’t be too many of them. I can’t wait to Photoshop him into future posts.

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