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“Yo dawg, I heard you liked dogs…” Video of a Shiba Inu watching the Shiba Inu puppy cam. Both hilarious and adorable. [Urlesque]

DEFEAT THE WORLD! Stephen Colbert unveiled his Olympic poster, and it’s pretty badass. [Comedy Central]

Stop-motion FTW. A brief history of everything: the 2000-page pen-on-notebook paper flip book. Pretty impressive. [Gamma Squad]

Not quite the velociraptor-eating-human video I had hoped for. A Toronto Raptors dancer gets eaten by the mascot. Totally fake. It didn’t even slit her abdomen open with its primary claw. [With Leather]

Hi-ho, Silver, I guess. Jerry Bruckheimer’s unnecessary and unwanted Lone Ranger movie is still moving forward. [FilmDrunk]

Where’s a gun-toting madman when you need one? Kim Kardashian and Regis Philbin in the same frame on television, and not ONE crazed gunman bent on wanton murder in the studio. Such a pity. [Inside Television]

You had me at muppet goatse. Your childhood toys have fallen on hard times. [Holy Taco]

Here’s a link you won’t be clicking. A nude photo of Snooki is now online, and somehow, I’m upset that it’s not NSFW. I guess I just feel if you’re gonna label something “nude,” you should at least deliver the goods. Or “bads” as the case may be. [Radar]

Just the valentines I needed. This is terrific. Even if you’re not familiar with Dave Sim’s indie comic Cerebus, you’ll get a kick out of these nihilistic and sexist valentines. [Comics Alliance]

Snowy weather is sexy time. The upside of the East Coast’s SNOWPOCALYPSE ’10? Sexy weather lady turned up the heat with her wardrobe selections. [Steel Clink Alcatraz]

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