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Don’t hate the kitteh, hate the game. Sebastian the Persian cat has upside-down teeth and a killer underbite. Luckily, his owner is a dentist who outfitted him with gold teeth. [Animal Planet via Urlesque]

Who else hates Jay Leno? Get in line. Leno’s dreary ratings are killing the ratings for local newscasts. But hey, at least NBC’s making money. [The Wrap]

Nerd heaven is stocked with virgins. The family of a deceased nerd is storing his ashes in a hollowed out computer. Right next to the porn files, the way he would have wanted it. [Asylum]

Oprah lost $400 million last year. That news cheered me up until I heard that she still has $2.3 billion. [Sun-Times]

Rachel Bilson news. The woman who I will always love for being Summer on “The O.C.” has been cast in “How I Met Your Mother’s” much talked-about 100th episode. The talk is that she’ll play the mysterious titular character. I’d like to feel her titular character. ZANG.

Details on the ‘Seinfeld’ non-reunion reunion. Pretty cool article. I’m not a fan of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but the four-episode arc with the “Seinfeld” cast makes it sound like Larry David approached it in a smart way. [USA Today]

SITE NEWS: Friday television sucks, so I’ll be back with a “What’s on Tonight” post on Sunday. Have a good weekend, don’t put your cats in any wigs I wouldn’t wear.

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