Links with Pretty Kitty and Pizza Pug

Morning links, y’all. Be sure to click on everything, because I hate writing these posts and it would be a shame for all my ennui to go to waste. Pretty Kitty via pandapuzzle; Pizza Pug via Summer of Megadeth.

100 images that should be stored in a time capsule for future generations. Burnsy is the master of the mega-gallery. [Uproxx]

Kevin James movies recast with a gorilla. Simple idea, great Photoshopping.[FilmDrunk]

Tiki Barber compared himself to Anne Frank. This should go well. [With Leather]

The Best of Poison Ivy Cosplay. Bonus points for leading with Masuimi Max. Don’t know who that is? Google her. [Gamma Squad]

Diablo Cody is sad. Interview with the “United States of Tara” creator after the show’s cancellation. [Vulture]

Of course she did. Melissa McCarthy based her loutish Bridesmaids character on Guy Fieri. [SplitSider]

Data raps. This mix by Dan Bull is kind of incredible. [BuzzFeed]

This is how it feels to work on East Coast time from the West Coast:

(via GIF Party)

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