Lisa Kudrow And Couretney Cox Reuniting For Some ‘Friends’ Trivia Is A Fan’s Dream Come True

Are you holding a ming vase or a newborn child? If so, set that item down before reading this startling revelation: Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox seem to know a fair bit about the popular ’90s sitcom Friends. We’ll give you a moment to get your gasping under control.

Both Cox and Kudrow flexed their Friends trivia muscles during the “Bonus Round” portion of Celebrity Name Game. In case you were worried that the actresses have surgically removed all those warm memories, we’re happy to report they haven’t because the team of Cox and Kudrow aced every question with nary a “transponder” gaffe to be had.

The challenges posed are pretty basic even for people that didn’t film 200+ of the program, but that’s not really the point. The point is that it’s fun to hang out with the people that brought Monica and Phoebe to life and hear them use words like “Chandler Bing” even in a game show setting. This is the sort of thing that Veronica’s Closet die-hards fantasize about, but never get to experience. You can check out the bonus Friends quiz frenzy for yourself by hitting play on that lovely rectangle at the top of the page.

(Via Variety)