Lisette Alexis Is Set To Star In Disney+’s ‘National Treasure’ TV Series

While National Treasure 3 might be stuck in year 13 of development hell, progress is well underway for its television series counterpart. Shortly after announcing a National Treasure series was in the works over at Disney+, the studio has revealed its lead actor: emerging star Lisette Alexis. According to Deadline, Alexis will be playing the role of Jess Morales, a Latina with a “natural talent for solving puzzles” and “whose brilliant and resourceful mind loves a good mystery.” The series follows Morales as she embarks on an adventure to discover the truth about her family as well as recover a lost Pan-American treasure.

Whereas the National Treasure films focus primarily on white American history, in an interesting and refreshing twist, the upcoming television series promises to tell a more inclusive story that transcends the founding fathers. Morales herself is written as DREAMer, a child who came to America undocumented but is completely acclimated to American culture after having lived in the country their entire life. Along with her “diverse group of friends,” the team not only sets off to explore the world but also tackled “the timely issues of identity, community, historical authorship and patriotism.”

Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer behind the National Treasure series and hits like Pirates of the Caribbean, is returning to National Treasure as the show’s executive producer. Jon Turteltaub and Mira Nair are set to co-direct the 10-episode series, with Marianne and Cormac Wibberley on board as its writers. Production is set to begin in early 2022 with the series’ most likely hitting the streaming service later that year or in early 2023.