Lizzie And Mika From 'The Walking Dead' Released A Song Inspired By This Week's Episode

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03.21.14 4 Comments

Kyla Kennedy, who plays Mika on The Walking Dead, apparently holds no ill will against Brighton Sharbino, who plays Lizzie, after Sharbino’s character stabbed and killed Mika in last week’s episode. In fact, before the episode even aired, the two wrote and recorded a song together that was inspired by “The Grove” called “Begin Again.”

Brighton Sharbino announced the song on her Instagram account before the episode aired. The music was composed by musicians Chase Butters and Marty Shannon, and C.J. Emmons (the principal singer on Dancing with the Stars) helped with the lyrics.

Is the song any good? Well, you know what? The important thing is that Kennedy and Sharbino remain, uh, good friends.

via Wet Paint

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