Lizzy Caplan Thought She Caused Michael Sheen To Vomit After Their First Sex Scene On ‘Masters Of Sex’

I’m not sure about any of you, but the last thing I’d want to happen in the bedroom with a lady is to vomit all over the place. Especially if that lady were Lizzy Caplan. Luckily, I’m far too pathetic to end up in that kind of situation and usually save my vomit for before even meeting the ladies.

It happened though and Caplan shares this tale of her first Masters of Sex love scene with Michael Sheen committing that very thing  immediately after he touched her breast:

“I begin the unbuttoning of the blouse and I notice that I’m very nervous and my hands are shaking. Then I grab his hands and I notice his hands are shaking and a little clammy, and he looks bad and nervous and shakey and it’s making me feel a little better. And we complete the scene, I place the hand on my breast and they yell cut and he immediately walks over to a garbage can and throws up.”

You gotta give him some credit for making it through the scene like a champ. As the clip reveals, Caplan eventually found out that she wasn’t the cause of the vomit, but instead it was food poisoning. That makes his efforts to complete the scene even more impressive. I doubt I’d even get out of bed with food poisoning, and if I did, I wouldn’t be putting out a top notch performance.

(Via Team Coco)