Watch A Local News Reporter Interview A Cat On The Street. No, Seriously.

11.14.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Local reporter Garrett Brnger of WICS ABC 20 has earned massive internet cool points today by interviewing a cat on the street when he couldn’t find anyone to comment about an Illinois-area water rate increase. Unfortunately, internet cool points are not yet a legal tender. They can only be traded on the black market for cat videos. Which, for a guy who interviewed a cat about water prices on local TV, is probably what they’d be spent on anyway.

First up, here’s how we imagined the interview might go.

Local news reporter interviews a cat

And now, here is Tom with the weather.

Local news reporter interviews a cat  - Garrett Brnger of WCIS ABC 20 runs out of interviewees, so he talks to a cat on the street


(H/T: Hypervocal and Dboybaker)

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