Logo Will Be Censoring ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ On June 13th As A ‘Day Of Disruption’

Shutterstock / Logo TV

Human sexuality and sexual identity has been something of a touchy subject for about as long as mankind has gathered into groups and tried to set standards for itself. Our modern society has been grappling with these issues in a very public way, with the likes of stuff like ridiculous bathroom laws grabbing headlines while we solemnly march towards the next election season in the United States. LGBT people and their allies have been rather outspoken over the past few years, believing that it’s about time that we treat them equally, even in the face of overwhelming adversity from outspoken political figures and their supporters.

According to EW, LGBT television network Logo TV will be censoring its own content on Monday, June 13th, but for a good reason. Viacom announced that Logo TV will be treating June 13th as a “Day of Disruption” where they will run a marathon of RuPaul’s Drag Race while censoring anything pro-LGBT, which mind you, is pretty much the entire show. That means black bars over the eyes of anyone pro-LGBT, bleeping of pro-LGBT messages and everything in between.

If that seems a bit extreme to you, there’s a good reason for it; that’s the point. Logo TV is making the point of what a world that doesn’t appreciate and give LGBT people positive role models and outlets for self-expression would look like. When much of the opposition to LGBT rights seem to be rallying about the concept of free speech, it gives a very loud, clear message about censorship.

(via EW)