London Is Celebrating 50 Years Of Monty Python With A 50-Foot Dead Parrot

07.17.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
dead parrot

David Parry/PA

It’s been 50 years since Monty Python created a second language for social outcasts everywhere. To celebrate, London was totally cool with a 50-foot fiberglass dead parrot being placed in Potters Field, a reference to…I don’t need to explain it, do I? If you clicked on an article with the words “Monty Python” in the headline, you’re well versed in dead parrots, with their beautiful plumage and all.

“We are all Monty Python fans so we were delighted to receive the brief from Gold to recreate the mythical Norwegian Blue on a giant scale,” explained lead sculptor Iain Prendergast, who helped build the enormous model bird, which took more than two months to make. (Via)

This Sunday is ALLEGEDLY going to be the final no really we’re serious this time this is it Monty Python performance, at least until no one fields John Cleese’s phone calls about making Rat Race 2: This Time with More Smash Mouth. Then it’s time for something completely different…another reunion?

Via Radio Times

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