Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: The Twerk Team Has Been Freed

09.06.13 7 Comments


Photo via NBC7


San Diego Unified School District will clear the records of the 31 students at Scripps Ranch High School who made a viral twerking video. [10 News]

That’s right, people. The members of the Twerk Team — the 30+ students who were suspended from school, banned from the prom, and unable to walk at graduation after a twerking video they made went viral — have had their records retroactively cleared after reaching an agreement with the school district.

The attorney for three of the students told 10News that the district agreed to wipe the punishment from the records. Students involved were also allowed to go to prom and graduate.

The district released the following statement:

“After further review, a mutual agreement has been reached that is in the best interest of the students and the district. The parents, students, school and district are ready to move beyond this incident and focus on the upcoming school year. The district cannot provide any further details since this is a student discipline issue and therefore confidential.”

Thank God. After the fiasco with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs and that poor girl setting herself on fire, I really needed a feel good twerking story heading into the weekend*.

*NOTE: “A feel good twerking story” is the tagline for the Footloose remake I’m writing at warp-speed this weekend, so I can pitch it to ABC Family while twerking is still a thing.

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