Look Who Surprised David Silverman At His ‘Simpsons’ Comic Con Booth

The Simpsons booth at Comic Con has officially become our new favorite thing.

The animated Fox series is in San Diego this week to promote the launch of Simpsons World, an online experience that lets you create episode playlists and share clips with friends. The show’s also there to hype up that 552 episode marathon coming to FXX in August — which, coincidentally, will also be the day the world ends.

While fans might think  the giant Homer Dome at Bayfront Park, which gives viewers the chance to walk through the family patriarch’s massive yellow head (and proves once and for all there’s really nothing going on upstairs for poor old Homie) is the greatest thing to ever happen at the convention, I’m more excited about what just happened at the show’s booth. Director David Silverman held a signing for fans of the show yesterday and he, along with the rest of the crowd, got a surprise visit from the most important man in The Simpsons fanverse, creator Matt Groening.

I guess the two should be noticed for bringing us one of the funniest animated series in the history of television but honestly, I’m a bit distracted by Silverman’s stylish wardrobe choice. The man is going HAM when it comes to his hat game.

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