Lorena Bobbitt Tells Steve Harvey That John Contacted After Her Knife-Wielding Actions

The 1990s trash culture is back with a vengeance. On Monday, we spoke of famous houseguest Kato Kaelin and his attention-seeking comeback. Twenty years after O.J. Simpson’s white Bronco ride, Kaelin came forward to shrug his shoulders and say he always figured O.J. murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Kaelin’s motivations may have been to extend his already lengthy brush with fame and exposure, and he may be in good company.

Lorena Bobbitt is also back more than two decades after she chopped off her husband’s penis (following years of alleged abuse). She’s held down a semi-normal existence, but she’s in the spotlight for a woman’s charity. In the above video, Lorena speaks with television host Steve Harvey about the infamous 1993 incident in which John Bobbitt lost his wang to a Lorena-wielded knife. Surgeons were able to attach John’s manhood back to his bod in working order, and Lorena evaded a conviction by pleading “temporary insanity.” Now Lorena tells Harvey that John tried to contact Lorena after the, uh, incident:

“He tried, but I always deleted his number… I mean, you know, I have my life. I have a new life now and I just want to focus on what is positive and I surrounded myself with positive people.”

John tried to contact her, huh? That’s a pretty good indication of one of these things: (1) Lorena is making things up to further sensationalize the events of decades past; or (2) John must be a very trusting guy to try to hook back up with the woman who cut off his wang. Either way, this is one messed up situation.

(Via The Steve Harvey Show)