Lori Petty’s Character On ‘Gotham’ Is Heavy With The Joker Flavor

When Lori Petty’s guest appearance on Gotham was announced a few months ago, her character was described as a “flamboyant and enigmatic hostess of an underground club where mass murder and art are celebrated in equal measure.” Even without any photo evidence of the character, that already sounded awesome. Now though, the first look at her costuming and makeup not only confirm that description but also have a fair amount in common with previous depictions of The Joker and Harley Quinn. Her character’s name is “Jerri” and seems like not only a purveyor of night club fun but a definite fan of the gorier parts of the criminal underworld.

The makeup Petty is sporting has the obvious Joker comparison to be made due to the scars around her mouth and sunken eyes, but the other markings are very reminiscent of Harley Quinn’s depictions in popular culture as well. The clothing is a mashup of both chracters and their personal style, with the belts across her torso easily comparable to a bomber’s vest or a straightjacket. Other photos, via Comic Book Resourcesshow her hair tinted green under the club lights and a saucy studded corset too. Whether Jerri is actually a form of The Joker or Harley Quinn or is a completely separate character created only for the Gotham universe is unknown at this point, but no matter the character’s origin or dastardly aims it is probably safe to say that Petty will bring some villainous fun to the show.

(via Comic Book Resources)