Lorne Michaels's 'SNL' Rejection Letters Were Exceptionally Civil, Minus The Nudity Part

The always-fascinating Letters of Note dug up a real find today: a rejection letter sent by Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels back in 1976, during the show’s first season. The letter’s addressed to Mr. Currier (no, that’s a dog), and Michaels, in an uncharacteristically compassionate way, explains why the man’s putrid, horrid, unsolicited writing has been rebuffed. I may be editorializing a bit. To soften the blow, however, Michaels adds a suggestion for how to get on his and the staff’s good side. HINT: it involves nudity. Makes perfect sense, too: comedy writers are known for their toned physique. Right, Sexy Chevy Chase?

Suddenly that Katy Perry sketch makes a lot more sense.

April 27, 1976

Dear Mr. Currier:

Thank you for your letter. We are sorry but we cannot accept or read unsolicited material sent to us for various ethical and legal reasons.

However, we at NBC’s SATURDAY NIGHT do accept and read nude photographs.

Best of luck in the future.

Your pal,


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