‘Lost’ Game: Connect Four Million

05.12.10 9 years ago 16 Comments

The benefit of Jimmy Kimmel being on ABC is that he has the best access to the cast of “Lost” and can air skits like the one below, in which Jacob and the Man in Black star in a commercial for Connect Four Million, the perfect game for when you’re stuck on a deserted island for thousands of years. I’m not the biggest Kimmel fan, but I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

Also, not to get sidetracked, but are there any other Princess Bride purists out there who take offense to “Lost” having a character named “The Man in Black”? It’s like when LaDainian Tomlinson showed up in the NFL and people started calling him LT. Nuh-uh. There’s only one LT, and that’s Lawrence Taylor. Likewise, there’s only one Man in Black, and the appropriate response when you’ve wronged him is to say, “Oh my sweet Westley! What have I done?” Then throw yourself down a steep-ass hill.

Official version with Kimmel introduction:

Just the commercial:

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