Sci-Fi Classic ‘Lost In Space’ Is Getting The Netflix Reboot Treatment

In an age of re-imaginings, sequels, and reboots it should come as no surprise that content creators like Netflix are looking to the past for beloved franchises to return into the digitally-rendered-and-streamed fray to compete with cable and broadcast. Everybody is rebooting everything, from beloved dark cult comedies like Heathers to the animated DuckTales. Following in the success of reboots such as Fuller House, Netflix’s striving to pull the same sort of tongue-in-cheek success will stop at nothing, scouring the crypts of the television world until it has found and desecrated enough graves to find exactly the right series.

Is Lost In Space the right series? Apparently Netflix thinks so, claims Deadline. There has been a clamoring for a Lost In Space reboot for many years now, dating back to a failed revival in 1999, with the show taking many forms, possible casts, and homes until Netflix decided to scoop up the space-faring adventure. All of this even though a feature film in 1998 was able to do fairly well in the box office, but left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

The original Lost In Space was set in a fictional 1997, following the Robinson family after the U.S. sent them off into deep space to colonize a new world. That’s right, on their own. The logistics of a family colonizing a world did indeed lead to some whimsical and distressing moments. Part of what made the series work was that it was downright comedic in tone, although there were tense moments sprinkled in for good measure.

Netflix seems to realize that this shouldn’t be a gritty remake (could you even imagine this?) and that the tone of the original show should be kept somewhat in tact.

(Via Deadline)