‘Lost’ Numbers Win the Lottery (Kinda)

There were two winners for Tuesday’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot of $355 million, but the real story is about people who only won $150. More than 9,000 people played the famous recurring numbers from “Lost” — 4 8 15 16 23 42 — matching four of the six numbers in the actual lottery (4 8 15 25 47 42). “Lost” showrunner Damon Lindelof tweeted:

9,078 people played Hurley’s [lottery] numbers in the MegaMillions tonight, each winning $150. #THATSSORAVEN

(You know what else is so Raven? This GIF.)

This is a pretty cool coincidence, but I’m not going to get all excited and tie it in with mass bird deaths in Arkansas or anything. I mean, given a choice between $150 or not being a “Lost” fanatic, I’d take the latter — but that’s just because I’m flush with the riches of blogging.

Incidentally, $150 is just enough to buy the complete series of “Lost” on DVD. OH MY GOD, IT’S ALL PART OF LINDELOF’S PLAN!!!