These ‘Louie’ Quotes Will Help You Get Out Of An Awkward Situation

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For five seasons on FX, Louie has followed comedian Louis CK as a fictionalized version of himself while taking an equally dramatized look at his droll, sometimes sparse, and always off-kilter life. The series artfully showcases moments that range from tender to heartbreaking, and hilarious to mortifying. The common thread through all of them, however, is the awkwardness. When CK finds himself in one of these situations, he often (but not always), tries to find a way to use his sense of humor to navigate through it. Recently, with the debut of his newest program, Horace and PeteCK mentioned that, in regards to Louie, he simply “can’t feel that show anymore,” causing fans to worry that it may be on permanent hiatus — a horrifying thought for fans and critics, alike. While Louie might be facing an uncertain future, though, we still have 61 episodes to watch, rewatch, and parse. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at seven of the best lines from the show to help guide you through any sort of uncomfortable situation that you might end up in.

“I don’t know, brown liquid that makes people feel different than if they didn’t drink it.”

This isn’t really good for getting out of an awkward situation so much as it’s a great way to buckle in for one you’re about to endure. And nothing helps set the tone for an awkward situation more than stumbling through a simple drink order with the bartender, especially when all you’re trying to order is a shot of whiskey. Especially when the guy who pressured you to stay turns around and leaves (played here by comedian Steven Wright). The point is, don’t give up hope this early on, because you never know how your night’ll end up if you make it through until closing.

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