‘Louie’ Recap: The 7 Most Soul-Crushing Moments From ‘Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part One)’

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07.20.12 26 Comments

Although I enjoyed the first three episodes of Louie this season, I didn’t love them. They each had their moments, like the blowjob scene with Melissa Leo and Louie convincing himself to buy a motorcycle, but they were more a string of scenes I liked, rather than a full episode I cherished. That’s why I’m surprised I loved “Daddy’s Girlfriend” so much; it’s part one of a two-part episode, which means it should feel incomplete, but I thought it was one of Louie‘s best episodes to date. And not just because Parker Posey is so goddamn cute.

Though she certainly helped. If you’ve ever asked someone who’s way more attractive than you out, you know all too well what it’s like to ramble, out of fear of rejection. Kids do it to their parents when they’re trying to explain why they should be able to stay over at Kyle’s house ANDMOMLETMEFINISHBEFOREYOUSAYANYTHING, and adults do it to other adults because if they keep talking, nothing bad can happen. You can live in that moment that the person you desire might agree to your proposition — but only as long as you keep babbling. That’s an exhilarating, yet terrifying feeling, and “Daddy’s Girlfriend” (co-written by Pamela Adlon) captured it perfectly. “Part One” was about receiving a positive answer; I can’t imagine “Part Two” will be as optimistic.

    • Louie has clearly practiced his “I do believe I have the vapors” look.
    • “I want to f*ck Scarlett Johansson.” YUP. “I just know it would be the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and the worst thing that ever happened to her.” DOUBLE YUP.
    • Speaking of ScarJo: the sad woman in the end credits looked a lot like her. Doubt that’s a coincidence.
    • Dear women: if a man says, “I don’t even jerk off to [you]; that’s how much I like [you],” it’s a compliment.
    • What kind of a 10-year-old doesn’t know what a blimp is?
    • This is the beginning of a new era of saying the word “tyranny.”
    • “Both of my parents died when I was a baby.” I laughed.
    • People are going to be talking about Parker Posey a lot today, but Maria Bamford, who is like TOTAL BFFs with Mr. Mancini according to this months-old poster I found on Yelp, was fantastic, too. Her sexually sad scene with Louie in bed was my favorite part of the episode, though that was largely because of the crazed reality show contestant who stabs the sh*t out of that bitchy woman…right in the heart, too. I rewatched it three times.
    • Love the doo-wop song that was playing while Louie was checking out the schoolteacher babes, and that last woman, too. Nice callback to the cold open, too; we just expect teachers, the people who are in charge of our children, to be nurturing and of course they’d want to be ogled and sexed. But it’s never that simple.
    • Total aside, but I believe that the book store where Posey works is the wonderful Community Bookstore in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They have a bunny and a dog and a cat and a lizard and a turtle and even BOOKS.
    • Lines of the night: either “Jesus, now I’m all dicked up in the head” or “You’re not a troll, for Christ’s sake. Get some confidence.”
    • Every reality show must have at least one Kayla and/or Kendra.

/disgusting Dylan reference

Not soul crushing, but: seriously, so cute.

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