The Best Moments From This Week’s Nightmare-Fueled ‘Louie’

This week’s Louie involved some strange nightmares. Like, mushroom dicks and Easter Bunny fornication strange. But it didn’t start off that way.

We found out that Jane has no friends…

… and Lilly did something weird at a sleepover.

I just assume the mom wasn’t monitoring that situation.

Soon after that, Louie started having some weird nightmares.

Things kept getting weirder.

Todd Barry was of no help.

Neither was the doctor.

And things continued to get weird.

Leave it to Nick DiPaolo to bring up a reasonable point.

Turns out, you should help people who are crying.

That’ll get you a good night’s rest.

Among other things.

Also, who knew Councilman Jamm was such a lover of comedy?