Louis C.K. Reveals How He Became ‘The Beyonce Of Comedy’ With ‘Horace And Pete’

You better believe that Louis C.K. was at his curmudgeonly best when he walked out onto Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Horace And Pete. Kimmel provides some of the best descriptions for the comedian and his work, calling the show Cheers with depressed people and calling C.K. the Beyonce of comedy. Considering how he surprised everybody with the show, it’s not far off.

The key part of the interview is how he describes the decision to sell the series on his own website, taking note of how many people pirate Louie and other shows because it isn’t available to them in their own country or area. He found this out during a visit to Australia and decided to use his own cash to make a show and then distribute it globally using his own means.

Pretty cool, especially considering the kind of talent he pulled in to help with this show. Alan Alda gets some worthy praise. He truly is an American treasure, even if he could get a little too dramatic on those M*A*S*H episodes. Where is the comedy in war?! That’s why we tune in, right? Klinger in a dress, Radar being mousey, guys making their own liquor in their tent. We don’t reality, Alda.

Someone print that criticism out and time travel it back to Alan Alda on the set of M*A*S*H, please.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)