Louis C.K. Insults Everyone On Twitter, Including Your Mother

A lot of comics say they are close with their fans, but few actually display that connection as well as Louis C.K. He’s hosted a three-hour phone-in show on “Opie and Anthony” (where he discussed relationship problems with callers); he held a lengthy Reddit AMA; he posts on message boards; he gives great advice to young people; he sold his last stand-up special direct to his audience (and made a fortune, which he gave to his staff and to a charity chosen by his fans); he has his own Uproxx-created religion; and he actively engages with his fans on Twitter. What could be more satisfying for a fan, in fact, than to be insulted by Louis C.K. on Twitter in front of all of his followers?

That’s what Louis C.K. did last week. On Friday, he tweeted, “Okay here’s how I do twitter from now on. I make a show announcement, then take questions and insult you for a few minutes.” After announcing where his next show would be (Toronto), Louis C.K. began assailing his readers, following up on the promise with these Twitter insults. All told, he insulted a lot of cities, threatened to kill a lot of families, sleep with a lot of mothers, throw dishes at someone’s grandmother, and even fulfilled one woman’s life-long dream of having Louis C.K. call her a c**t.
All in a day’s work.
(Via Laughspin)