Louis C.K. Introduced Dave Chappelle At A Surprise Comedy Show This Weekend

The last time Dave Chappelle performed in Hartford, he walked offstage after being heckled by some frat bros. Things got so bad that after the show, the legendary standup made shirts that read, “F*ck Hartford.” There was no reason to assume Chappelle would ever return, but there he was on Saturday night, coming out for a surprise set at the already-stacked Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival.

The fellow comedian who introduced him: Louis C.K.

“Are you sure this is Hartford?” I swear to God I thought you were going to boo me the minute I came out,” Chappelle said. “Boy I wish you guys were here last year.”

Jordan Bartucca, of Bristol, who attended both last year’s and this year’s shows, said the crowd was taken by surprise when Chappelle came out after comedian Louis C.K. finished his set.

“He said ‘Hey everybody, don’t go anywhere, Dave Chappelle is coming out.’ I thought he was joking around.”

Photographer Jeremy Saffer said some fans were heading for the exits after Louis C.K. and they too thought the Chappelle announcement was a joke at the expense of last year’s show. (Via)

Reports say the show went exceptionally well, and that Chappelle made about 135 Hartford jokes, which still isn’t enough, not for the town that gave us Mark McGrath. Chappelle must be saving his best Sugar Ray material for next time he’s in Connecticut.

Via Courant