Louis C.K. Revealed The Secret To Being In Love, Announced An Intriguing Project On ‘The Tonight Show’

Louis C.K. stopped by The Tonight Show last night for what will likely be his final appearance with Jay Leno behind the desk. The two talked a little about Louie’s life and larger projects, and discussed an intriguing project from his past that he’s putting on his website very soon.

Here’s the first segment, in which Louie discusses the diarrhea of happy people, the temptation to get his kids absolutely nothing for Christmas, and the horrible secret to knowing when you’re in love. He also talks about the black and white film he made in 1998 that will soon be released, for the first time, on his website.

Louie elaborated further on the film — “Tomorrow Night” — which stars the likes of Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler, Conan O’Brien, and JB Smoove, in the clip below. (I don’t know why The Tonight Show split the clips up in such a weird manner, but hop to the 1:10 mark to avoid the overlap from the previous clip.)

Louie closed his appearance by talking about his experience on American Hustle and giving Jay a heartfelt goodbye.

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