Louis C.K. Tells GQ He Wishes He Had Been More Suicidal After ‘Pootie Tang’

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Peggy Sirota/GQ

Louis C.K. is on the cover of next month’s GQ, because who is he if not the Katy Perry of overweight, bald, freckled dudes? We’ve read so many interviews with the Louie star over the past couple of years that you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s very little new for him to reveal, but props to writer Andrew Corsello for unearthing some interesting anecdotes, including the three-legged dog:

“Are you thinking about your daughters right now?” I ask.

“Ha! I am!” C.K. says. “They do surprise you. When my older daughter was about 8, I showed her the routine where I get explosively angry because she sucks at hide-and-seek. She thought it was hilarious. My girls and I make a lot of dark jokes together. In the upcoming season [of Louie], there’s a line from a conversation I had with my older girl. She was saying how whenever she sees a three-legged dog, it lifts her spirits, because three-legged dogs are wonderfully unaware that they have a malady. They just walk around, and they don’t give a shit. And I said, “You know, honey, they are lucky. But do you know the only thing luckier than a three-legged dog? A four-legged dog.’ And she really laughed. Whenever she laughs that hard at something dark? I know it’s good.” (Via)

And how Louis wishes he had been more suicidal:

Then there was Pootie Tang, the 2001 comedy C.K. directed, based on a skit from The Chris Rock Show, where he’d been a writer. The studio put him through hell—before firing him and recutting his footage into a puree.

“It never stopped getting worse. I remember thinking, This is too much for me to handle. I wanted to give up. I knew it was my right to. But then a few minutes would go by and I’d realize, I’m still here. In other words, there was no escape from it. And I’d be a little disappointed at not being truly suicidal. I hated being “all right.'” (Via)

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Peggy Sirota/GQ

Via GQ

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